BRFA Upcoming Tournaments

January 9- Duel of the Ages Epee

April 10- Duel on the River  C and Under

June 12- Happy Cow Open


Other Tournaments in Michigan

January 24- Foil Open @RFC

January 30- Epee E and Under & Youth @TSFC

February 13-14- State Games of Michigan @WMFA

February 20- Referee Seminar

February 27- Epee U and Youth @TSFC

February 28- Foil and Saber U @RFC

March 13- Excalibur @WMFA

April 3- Epee Open and Youth @TSFC

May 8- JO Qualifiers @BRFA

May 8- Qualifiers for Nationals @BRFA

June 5- Beer Mug @UFO

June 19- Epee Open  @ TSFC

June 26- Michigan Div Senior Champs @BRFA

June 27- Michigan DIv Youth Champs @RFC

August 28- Duelist @AADS